School Leadership Team

PS 274's School Leadership Team

The P. S. 274 School Leadership Team (SLT) meets monthly to develop educational policies for our school. Our SLT is made up of both parents, teachers, and administrators and we make decisions for our school community through collaborative conservations and a reflection on our school-wide data.

Norms for our virtual meetings:

  • Attendees will join the meeting beginning at 5PM.

  • Attendees are invited to join with both cameras and mics open to greet all members of the SLT.

  • Once the meeting is called to order mics and cameras are closed to limit distractions and background noise.

  • Only the person presenting keeps their camera and mics open.

  • There will be Q&A opportunities throughout the meeting for attendees to pose questions and engage in conversations. Attendees can use the chat feature as well to pose questions throughout the meeting.

  • At the conclusion of the meeting, attendees open their cameras and mics to bid farewell and close the meeting.

During the 2020-2021 school year our SLT will meet on a digital platform, Google Meets, to accommodate all parents and staff.

SLT Minutes 2/25/21
SLT Virtual Meetings 2020-2021