Hello my fellow scientists and Parents of PS 274,

I hope you are all well. I miss seeing you but I am only a click away. We will be continuing our science learning in a few different ways. You can explore properties of objects at home (at home activities), use internet resources (links I will send), read non fiction books on various science topics (researching topics and learning new vocabulary) or go out into nature to explore science concepts. I will post class assignments that will include thinking questions, read and explore resources, try it on your own activities and a show what you know activity. You will see that I will post the assignment on Mondays and it will not be due until Thursday. As always, I will work hard to make your learning meaningful and 'fun". Please share anything you find that relates to what we are learning about that week You can even post pictures of yourself doing the activity.(Get your parent's permission first...)

I look forward to this new adventure and let's keep on learning together!

Ms. Loomis, Science Specialist

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Ms. Loomis

Phone number- 718 642 5300