Fourth Grade

Greetings Class 4-1!

I hope you are all well, safe & healthy ♥

I am excited about continuing our learning through Google Classroom. This program will allow us to share the work we are doing at home much more easily. In Google Classroom, I will be assigning work to you digitally, without paper. You can do it from home and submit it to me online. Then I will pass it back to you with glows, grows and/or grades.

Not everything we do will be in written form, you will also have assignments from I-Ready, MyOn, Envision Math (Pearson), BrainPop & MosaMack Science. I will also put up reminders for you about upcoming assignments/ projects.

This will be a learning process for both of us but I am confident that together we will achieve great success. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. You are a group of amazing children and I am grateful to be able to continue with the work we’ve been doing this year.

Please stay safe and healthy.

See you online on Monday, March 23rd.

Ms. Spencer

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Teacher: Mrs. Spencer