Fifth Grade 

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

Happy New Year! Welcome back to a brand new year of learning and growth. We hope this newsletter finds you well-rested and ready for a brand new start.This month, students will be taking the Iready Diagnostic Assessments. Also, we want to reinforce the importance of daily reading. As part of students Homework, students are encouraged to spend at least 20 minutes each day with a good book. Books can be sourced from both the school library and our classroom library. We've set up a schedule for "bookshop" time, allowing students to explore and select books that align with their interests. Please support your child in completing their reading logs, as this practice not only enhances their literacy skills but also contributes to a lifelong love for learning. 

Best Regards,                                                                                                                                   

The 5th-Grade Team

Rigorous Instruction   

Instruction is customized, inclusive, motivating, and aligned to the Next Generation Standards. High standards are set in every classroom. Students are actively engaged in ambitious intellectual activity and developing critical thinking skills.   


Units of Study  

Math: Students will learn about fractions,  how to solve word problems multiplying and dividing fractions.


ELA (English Language Arts): We will be finishing  learning about informational text. Students will be learning about the author’s craft, text structure, figurative language and more, while answering the essential question: How can learning about natural disasters make us safer?        

Writing: Students will be writing a persuasive essay, This is the focus statement: “Using persuasion is much more powerful than fighting” . Students will write a persuasive essay taking a position on if they will leave or stay in a city to rebuild. 

Science: Students will keep investigating “Why did the Tiger Salamander disappear?”  They will keep searching about the 5 possible causes. 


Student of the Month


5-1: Jordy Tullmo

5-2: Jared Aracena

E33: Wynter Farmer

Resources to help students at home: 

Khan Academy 




January 2  Coming back to school                                                                                         

January 16 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, schools closed 



Teachers Contact Information  

5-1 Ms. Monero: 

5-2 Ms. Laurenzano: