Fifth Grade

Dear Parents and Guardians,

It was nice to meet some of you at our open school night last month. We have enjoyed getting to know your children so far and we are looking forward to a successful school year. Please reach out to teachers to discuss your child’s academic growth. We will be scheduling appointments with all of you to discuss your child’s goal this year. Appointments will be made for Tuesdays from 2:40-3:15.


5th Grade Team

Rigorous Instruction

Instruction is customized, inclusive, motivating, and aligned to the Common Core. High standards are set in every classroom. Students are actively engaged in ambitious intellectual activity and developing critical thinking skills.

Units of Study:

Science: Food Webs within an Ecosystem: We will be studying the different roles organisms play within an ecosystem and how they interact.

Social Studies: Geography: We will be studying the geography and early societies of the Western Hemisphere

Reading: Teacher’s College: We will be reading literary texts in book clubs.

Math: Multiplying Whole Numbers: We will be working on multiplying whole numbers, such as 3-digit by 2-digit.

Writing: Personal Narrative: We will be learning how to create narratives based on a real life event.

Supportive Environment

The school establishes a classroom and school culture where students feel safe, supported, and challenged by their teachers and peers.

Students of the Month:

5-1: Yahir Cosme

5-2: Marwa Alansi

Strong Family-Community Ties & Collaborative Teachers

School leadership brings resources from the community into the school building by welcoming, encouraging, and developing partnerships with families, businesses, and community-based organizations.

Parent Workshops:

Date: October 22nd

Time: 2:35

Topic: Middle School Orientation

Location: Library

Every Tuesday: Goal Setting with Parents 2:40-3:15 (Please connect with teacher to make an appointment to speak about your child)

Important Events:

October 29: Fall Festival 3:30-5:00pm

October 31: Character Dress Up Day

Teachers Contact Information

5-1: Ms. Laurenzano:

5-2: Mr. Roberts:

Ms. Abdelaal: