Parent Coordinator

Doris Rivera 718-642-5300 -ext. 1371 Room 137

I hope everyone had a more than a wonderful Thanksgiving and a weekend full of relaxing. As we transition into a new month, fall will soon be over, and winter will begin. We are excited and moving full speed ahead. The holidays are among us, and that means continuation of many of our favorite annual traditions. We will have our Holidays Around the World performances as well as the Holiday Concert. Our PTA will be doing hosting a holiday fundraising with the Penguin Patch Holiday Shop. Our attendance staff will host our Breakfast with Santa. We look forward to having you join us during these wonderful festivities.  The success we have experienced since the opening of the school year owes a great deal to parents/caregivers and families like yours collaborating with our school community.  

Winter recess is a wonderful time to unwind and appreciate one another. Do not feel pressured to do something extravagant. There are countless opportunities to have fun and build memories right in your own home. Here are some ideas: family game night; baking cookies, have an indoor snowball fight (crumple up old newspaper, etc. & go for it!); build your own drive-in theater with forts, a movie and some popcorn; crafting; paper snowflakes for your windows & to hang from the ceiling; bake something to give to a neighbor; go on a family walk (make it a scavenger hunt); make cards and decorations to take to the Senior Center or local assisted living. (Buena Vista is the closest Senior center located at 48 Cedar St, Brooklyn, NY 11221). There are plenty of holiday activities happening in New York City during the winter recess. Visit the website to see all the events you can participate in with your family during the winter break. The holidays are good times for story telling around the dinner table or routines like bedtime reading that cultivate connections between home and school expectations. Visiting the library (Dekalb Branch located right next door to us at 790 Bushwick Ave) gives children an opportunity to escape into a winter wonderland reading holiday stories.  

Important Dates to Remember: 

December 1, 2023, Cornell University Nutrition Class 

December 1, 2023, ESL workshop for parents 

December 6, 2023, Parent Workshop Save for College Program for  Kindergarten and new 1st and 2nd grade students 

December 8, 2023, Cornell University Nutrition Class 

December 8, 2023, ESL workshop for parents 

December 11, 2023, Coffee with the Principal 

December 11th through 15th, Penguin Patch Holiday Shop 

December 12, 2023, Holidays Around the World for students 

December 15, Cornell University Nutrition Class 

December 15, 2023, ESL workshop for parents  

December 18, 2023, Holiday Concert for Students 

December 20, 2023, Holiday Concert for Families 

December 22, 2023, Winter Wishes and Breakfast with Santa 

December 22, 2023, PTA Monthly meeting 

December 25, 2023-January 1, 2024, Winter Recess School Closed