Hello P.S. 274 community!

We hope you are all safe and healthy during these uncertain times. Although we currently cannot see each other in person, please know that we are here to continue to learn and grow together.

With that said, it is so important to log onto Class Dojo (for any updates and announcements) as well as Google Classroom (ALL instruction will take place here) every day. Please reach out to your child's teacher if you are not yet online or need any help.

On Google Classroom we will be posting assignments across all content areas-- Reading, Writing, Fundations, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Our cluster teachers will also be posting their assignments-- Gym, Music, Art, ENL, and Science. Please check under the "Classwork" tab for all assignments. We recommend this schedule for you, but note that this is a suggestion. What's most important is that you are checking in daily and turning in the assignments.

8:30-11:30- Instructional Time as Assigned by the Teacher

11:30-12:30- Lunch and Outdoor Time

12:30- 2:00- Music/Art/Physical Education/Science

2:00- 2:30- Independent Reading/MyOn

Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding. Together we will get through this!


K-1 Ms. Ha

K-2 Ms. Caraballo

K-3 Ms. Coronati

Hello Students and Parents,

I hope you everyone is doing okay. I have missed you all so much these past few days. I know it can be tough to stay at home and not come in to school and see myself or your classmates every day. I am sure you all miss having breakfast together, learning together, and even just talking to each other. But we will still be able to communicate and work together Monday through Friday just like before! It will be a little different because it will be in Google Classroom but I will be here the entire time to help guide you through your learning just like in the classroom. Ms Roche will be here too! On our Google Classroom I will provide activities and assignments to help you continue to learn and expand your knowledge in all subjects. There will still be dance breaks and fun involved! I know you are all capable of so much and this is just a new way that you will all master learning. It might be a little tricky in the beginning but remember that when things get tricky we keep trying and we do not give up!

Ms Garcia, E31

Teachers Contact Information

K-1 Ms. Ha

K-2 Ms. Caraballo

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K-3 Mrs. Coronati

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E31 Ms Garcia