Attendance Team

June 2021

Attendance: Student success in school is directly related to the importance a school community attaches to education. Regular attendance not only emphasizes the importance of school, but also promotes responsibility and self-discipline. Elementary students cannot develop these essential life skills without the help of their support systems at home and at school.

There are many barriers during remote learning to regular attendance and we are here to help. Please feel free to contact the attendance team with the email’s addresses listed below for help with:

· Broken iPad hardware/accessories (i.e.: cracked screen, broken chargers)

· Software malfunctions (i.e.: iPad apps not working, connectivity issues)

Announcement: Summer Rising

Summer Rising programs will operate in hundreds of DOE buildings, giving students safe and supervised experiences in their neighborhood. Most students will be able to attend a program in their home building! All New York City students will have an opportunity to participate in the program. No student will be turned away. For more information visit:

Grades K–5

July 6 to August 20 (except July 20)

Monday–Friday, 8AM–6PM

Insight Updates:

Year to Date Overall School-wide Attendance: 91%

Bi-Monthly Individual Attendance for May and June: Winners will be announced on Friday June 25th, 2021

100% Class Attendance for the Month of April: E31 Mrs. Suerte, E33 Dr. Brown

100% Class Attendance for the Month of May: TBA

100% trimester raffle

1st trimester (Kenneth Galvez 2-1)

2nd trimester (Emili Alexander 4-2)

3rd trimester (April 5th-June 25th) TBA

If you have any questions regarding attendance, please contact a member of the attendance team

Ms. Quiros

Ms. Dolcine

Ms. Daly