Attendance Team

Attendance: Student success in school is directly related to the importance a school community attaches to education. Regular attendance not only emphasizes the importance of school, but also promotes responsibility and self-discipline. Elementary students cannot develop these essential life skills without the help of their support systems at home and at school.

Attendance is one of our number one priorities at PS 274. We strive to have every student in every day.

If your child is going to be absent, please make sure you contact the Ms. Quiros at (718) 642-5300 x1573 or at

Attendance Awards:

We will be continuing our tradition of 100% monthly attendance awards and our 100% weekly Friday attendance raffle.

We will also be having our attendance raffle for 100% attendance in December (big prize to be announced) and June.

If you have any questions regarding attendance, please contact a member of the attendance team

Ms. Quiros

Ms. Daly