Parent Teacher Association


President: Michelle Echevarria




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Our Parent Teacher Association

Monthly P.T.A. meetings which include mini-workshops provided by the Parent Coordinator, the P.T.A, selected staff and outside Agencies in subjects of the parents’ choice as well as educational reform mandates, such as No Child Left Behind. The PTA works with the professional development team members to organize, implement and facilitate expanded parental involvement activities at P.S. 274. The parents also attend Regional level meetings and workshops, which cover topics of interest to them. Parents hold fundraisers and with the profits, help with school needs, such as graduation costs and items for our schools. Parents also participate in our field trip programs. We provide a series of parent workshops including throughout the year. Parents are part of our School Leadership Team and have actively participated in meetings and the writing of the Parent Involvement Action Plan. The Parent Advisory Council committee has developed a School Home Contract which reflects the Regional Parent Policy required under Title I laws describing the school mission. Parents take an active part in their children’s education by reading with their children and completing a nightly reading log. The Parents’ Room offers an environment where parents can meet and discuss areas of concern and topics of interest to them.

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