Third Grade

June 2019

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As the busy end-of-year season begins, the third grade team looks to honor the achievements of it’s young learners this year. We encourage parents to engage in meaningful conversations with their students at home about what they feel went well and what things could be even better next year.

As we begin to shift our focus onto the work of fourth grade learners, it is important to prioritize the skills that will help our students be successful in the coming year. In the area of mathematics, students should practice their multiplication tables frequently throughout the summer. Students should know all multiplication facts from memory before they return for fourth grade in the fall. Encourage students to use math in their everyday lives throughout the summer in order to keep their mathematical reasoning skills fresh! The grocery store or deli is a great place to practice working on their math skills!

In order to maintain reading progress over the summer, we encourage our parents to ensure that students are reading daily for at least 20 minutes. Students would also benefit from keeping a journal to respond to what they have read each night. Journaling can be a great outlet for our learners to express their feelings and develop their writing style! Please also utilize the access all students have to Thousands of books are available for students to experience electronically via a computer, smart phone or tablet! Attend our workshop this month to learn all about the wonderful features of this membership!

As always, we want to thank our parents for continuing to be such great collaborators and supporters of the learning at P.S. 274. We wish you and your family a great month of June, and a happy and healthy summer. Thank you for all the work you have done in our community this year!


The Third Grade Team

Rigorous Instruction

Instruction is customized, inclusive, motivating, and aligned to the Common Core. High standards are set in every classroom. Students are actively engaged in ambitious intellectual activity and developing critical thinking skills.

Units of Study:

Reading: Research Study Groups

Students will be working with others in order to research and gather evidence from texts.

Writing: Fairy Tales

Students will be working hard to explore their creativity by adapting classic fairy tales with their own modern twist!

Math: Time, Measurement and Data

Students will be exploring real world problems related to time, measurement and data. Students will study different methods of keeping time and recording data.

Science: Plant and Animal Adaptations

Students will be working to study the parts and life cycle of plant life. Students will be working to observe plants in our classroom and community. Students will be aiming to understand how plants and animals adapt to survive in their changing environments.

Social Studies: South America

Students will be studying the South American continent in order to learn more about its history, people, and culture.

Supportive Environment

The school establishes a classroom and school culture where students feel safe, supported, and challenged by their teachers and peers.

Students of the Month:

3–1 Jayden Lopez

3-2 Eli Tavarez

E32 Brian Lara

Strong Family-Community Ties & Collaborative Teachers

School leadership brings resources from the community into the school building by welcoming, encouraging, and developing partnerships with families, businesses, and community-based organizations.

Parent Workshops:

Date: June 18th, 2019

Time: 2:40p.m. – 3:05p.m.

Topic: Summer Reading Supports with

Location: School Cafeteria

Teachers Contact Information

3-1 Ms. Sarjeant –

3-2 Mr. Roberts –

Ms. Abdelaal –

E32 Ms. Suerte –