Happy Spring Parents and Guardians! 

Your children have grown and learned so much, and you all should be very proud!

The New York state ELA and math exams have been administered. In the SETSS program, as well as school wide, 3rd, 4th and 5th graders worked very hard to prepare for this exam. Please ensure that your children are doing homework every night, as well as reading and practicing math facts daily.

Please continue to check our PS274 school website and our monthly calendar for important updates and upcoming school events. As a reminder, if you take your child for outside testing (neurological, psychological, etc.), please provide copies of the test results to our SBST. This data is invaluable, can inform our instruction, help us to best serve your child, and be added to his/her IEP if deemed necessary.


Ms. Calder

Rigorous Instruction

Instruction is customized, inclusive, motivating, and aligned to the Common Core. High standards are set in every classroom. Students are actively engaged in ambitious intellectual activity and developing critical thinking skills.

Units of Study:


ELA: Blending letter sounds in order to read CVC words and sight word review; answering 5W questions based on read aloud stories

Math: 2D shapes; skip counting (counting to 100 by tens)

1st grade

ELA: Reading words with beginning blends; introduction to writing compound sentences

Math: measuring using nonstandard tools

2nd grade

ELA: reviewing strategies for reading unfamiliar words; adding detail to writing

Math: subtracting with and without regrouping; subtraction word problems

3rd grade

ELA: reviewing strategies for reading unfamiliar words; using EAT to write short responses

Math: Multiplication strategy review; identifying fractions

4th grade

ELA: reading informational text and finding the main idea; using valid text evidence to support an argument in writing

Math: Long division review; following a problem solving routine to solve word problems

5th grade

ELA: reading informational text; using valid reasons to support an argument in writing

Math: adding and subtracting mixed numbers; following a problem solving routine to solve word problems)

Strong Family-Community Ties & Collaborative Teachers

School leadership brings resources from the community into the school building by welcoming, encouraging, and developing partnerships with families, businesses, and community-based organizations.

Parent Workshops

Triannual, reevaluation, initial and annual Individual Education Plan (IEP) meetings are ongoing. Please ensure that you attend these very important meetings. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns about your child’s special education related services, program, or any other IEP or special education related topic.

Teachers Contact Information

Teacher: Ms Calder

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